10 weird traditions of christmas from around the world

When we think of something in the world,there are many aspects of that thing.Just like christmas has also weird and insane traditions from around the world.Here is a list of top 10 of the most unusual and weird traditions of christmas from around the world.


tradition of christmas and weired traditions



1.Roller skating and rollerblading to church

People of Caracas,Venezuela switch their mode of transport on christmas morning to roller skates and do roller bladding in morning to the church and the children tie a string to their foot and the other end through the window to the street below so that their elders passing in the morning would pull it to wake them from sleep.



tradition of christmas and weired traditions



2.Defecation near you

In Catalan,Spain , there is a good fortune link between human excretion and christmas.People there think El Caganer is a sign of fertility and good fortune and has been put in nativity scenes for the last 200 years.It is believed that if you will not give a home to El cagner near your home then your crops will not yield much.






3.Burn that dirt

In Guatemala,there is a heavy smell of garbage and dirt on the morning of december 7people there clean their homes and make a pile of garbage on crossroads and make a devil statue above it and then burn it as it is believed that devil lives in the dirt of our homes,so this is done because of this myth.



tradition of christmas and weired traditions



4.Burning a Godzilla size goat

In Sweden,on every christmas 13 metre tree is erected which is made of straw and is burned.This tradition has started from 1966.But it got success only for some times as till now its been successful done only for 28 times.



weird traditions of chrismas



5.Two Santas of belgium

Belgium boasts not one, but two Santa Clauses, St. Nicholas and Pere Noel. St. Nicholas is the “bad cop” of the duo, and is all about reconnaissance. On Dec 4, he melts into the Belgian shadows to thoroughly investigate the backgrounds of unsuspecting children.

tradition of christmas and weired traditions

6.Brazilian santa

The Brazilian Santa Claus is Papai Noel, who travels to Brazil every Christmas in breathable silks, (hey, cut him a break it’s summer down there) and lives in Greenland for the rest of the year. The deviation speaks volumes, really. American Santa lives in a magic house in the remotest part of the world. Brazil Santa lives in Greenland; a country that, while cold and remote, is still little more than a few stopover flights away.



tradition of christmas and weired traditions


7.Nightmare of a child

On Christmas Eve in Finland, the entire family puts on their coats and heads to the cemetery to pay respects to the dead with candles and singing, a tribute that doubles as both touching Christmas tradition and traumatizing nightmare for Finnish children. It’s telling to think that a child’s only wish on Christmas Eve might be to “not get lost in the graveyard at night like last year.”



tradition of christmas and weired traditions



8.Sauna,the craziest tradition of christmas

Another of the oldest holiday traditions in Estonia is the Christmas Eve sauna, which is exactly as unappealing as it sounds. After being required to see all of your immediate family sweaty and nude, one might welcome the opportunity for a heart-to-heart with a relative visiting from beyond the grave.


tradition of christmas and weired traditions



9.Santa or mule of Latvia

The best-known Latvian Christmas tradition is an odd custom called mumming. “Mummers” wear an assortment of masks, the most traditional bearing the likeness bears, horses, goats, haystacks, gypsies, and, delightfully, living corpses. A bear or a goat would be pretty easy to pull off, but you’ve got to hand it to any Latvian designer given the thankless task of coming up with a haystack costume. Getting instructions like “It has to look exactly like a haystack, but with arms and legs and eyes and a face” every year would dampen the spirit of someone who didn’t live in Latvia.



tradition of christmas and weired traditions



10.A witch as a Santa in Italy

Italian parents, presumably concerned over the pagan nature of modern-day Santa Claus, outlawed the practice of telling children that Santa delivered them their presents. Instead, the Vatican, unable to prove the existence of Santa but, for some reason certain about the existence of witches, decided to tell kids that a kindly old witch, La Befana, delivers them. Rock solid, Vatican.

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