5 most crucial outcomes of international yoga day 2015

As we all know that 21 june was celebrated as the first international Yoga day and it was declared by the UN itself to make visible the benefits and importance of Yoga in our life.This list presents the 5 most crucial changes or outcomes of international yoga day 2015.



times square yoga day celebration.


1. Yoga day pulled thousands of people and the United Nation’s chief to Times Square ,New York itself .

Around 17,000 people gathered at Times Square ,New York to celebrate world’s first Yoga day and did yoga with none other than the UN chief Ban Ki-moon.He told many benefits of yoga to all the people gathered there and greeted them with “namaste” a hindi greeting.




2.Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi lead a yoga session in Rajpath,Delhi and made two world records.

Largest Yoga class on 21 june was led in Rajapath,Delhi by Mr. Narendra Modi with 35,985 people which was a record of largest yoga class in the world and the second record was for most national celebrities were gathered in a single yoga event which were 84.





3.Defense Forces of India gathered from Siachen to South China battleships.

Indian defense and armed forces joined yoga day and celebrated from the highest battlefield to the south China warships.They did yoga in the morning even in 4° celcius at Siachen . They did it on Siachen glacier on 18,000 ft above the sea level.




4.192 countries and over 20,00,00,000 people participated in International Yoga day 2015.

192 countries and over 20 crore people were expected to be participated in many events across the world in authentication of the International Yoga day 2015 on last Sunday.




5.India was leading 193 countries on international Yoga day 2015.

India on 21 june 2015 was leading 193 other countries in on Yoga day.All the countries performed various exercises or asanas on various places all around the globe.








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