5 Reasons why board games are still more better in this new era of video games


Hey folks,there is an immortal battle between video games and board games but this new generation mostly believes in video games because they were not  born in 80’s.But still there is a big demand of board games in the market and still there are people who buy board games and have a belief in them.Here we continue the battle and take side of board games.I am a teenager and i love video games but believe me when i bought my first board game i.e cluedo,it was a heaven for me to play it with my family and having lots of fun which video games can’t provide.So here are 7 reasons why board games are better than video games.



its family time


1. Its family time….

What are video games?They are those piece of crap which makes us live individually out of family and stops spending time with family.Though they are a good time pass but only a time pass.But board games which are being forgotten nowadays fulfills every  requirement and cons spread by the video games.They allow us to sit with our family and have a lot and lot more fun than any of the video game out there.Seriously a ludo game with our family is lot more fun than playing a new gen game like watch dogs or grand theft auto 5.Try this,bring a board game to the house and play it with your family and i am sure you will forget every video game you have played in front of that board game.




2. End to frustration….

when we talk of video games,a glimpse appears in our mind of those levels and video games which we couldn’t make up to the end and this results in lot of frustration that how can’t we finish it and it results physically when we break things and lot more and that becomes a kind of hell session instead of being a good gaming and interesting hour.But when you talk about board gaming,then there’s nothing like that.First of all there is no specific winner every time,anybody can win with some good luck or some small strategies and also if we looses the game,we don’t get frustrated because it was a lot of entertainment and fun in that game instead of frustration which video games provide after loosing them.


monopoly calculator


3. Do maths with fun….

Video games do not provide any mind blogging things like they do not increase a person’s maths or mental ability and mind skill which board games provide more oftenly.When we play board games like monopoly,they are scientifically proven to increase one’s mental ability and maths and it also increases our business skills which video games provide as craps.


persons plying chinese checker


4. Board game : a strategy teacher….

When we talk of teaching strategies and thinking skills,the video games come after board games because video games do provide these services of teaching strategy and thinking skills while playing but not much as board games do because we don’t have a real life opponent in video games against whom we should make strategies as in board games like scotland yard and cluedo,the main objective is making strategies against your opponents and believe me,this take our thinking skills to a new level.


esrb Ratings


5. It‘s all about adult content….18

Children nowadays buy video games of 18+ ratings because the games below these ratings are as creepy and old-fashioned as pinball.But they and their parents forget the result of these things on their children’s mind and it will make them addicted to these things like 18+ videos and more.Whereas board games strictly don’t provide these things and this is one of the main factor why board games are still better than video games.


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